April 13, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2021)

The threat of cybersecurity breaches is a top concern across industries. As hackers become more advanced, manufacturing companies struggle to identify the best methods for monitoring, identifying, and defending against security risks. This webinar session is organized by MPC and YNY Technology Sdn Bhd on the transition towards Industry 4.0.
We’ve invited Mr Mohamed Anwer, Head of Industry Engagement & Collaboration of Cybersecurity Malaysia and Mr Gary Kong, ICS/OT Security of YNY Technology Sdn Bhd. It will be a great sharing session by both of the experts talking about “What You Need to Know to Secure Your Industry 4.0 Journey” & “Cybersecurity Health Check – Identify your weakest links”
Join us and let us embark on the journey towards the future of our industrial revolution!
Language: English
Time: 2 hours
Watch the Webinar On Demand here: 
Key Takeaways: 
  • Why a cyber health check is essential in establishing a solid foundation to build your security infrastructure.
  • How is this helping you identify your business’s weakest security areas?
  • Recommend appropriate measures to mitigate your risks.
  • Learn about the most Important Security Control in Guidelines for Secure Industry 4.0. Identified cybersecurity risks and prioritized to develop effective security controls.
  • Get to know the tactics and techniques used by insider or intruder to perform digital attacks on your production systems i.e. MES and SCADA.
  • Learn how to manage complex logs from devices in your production systems and establish a monitoring mechanism to detect abnormal behaviour.
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