Cyber Security

A Global Threat That We Can Control

A Global Threat That We Can Control

  • Industrial Control System Security (ICS security) includes SCADA/EMS, DCS, PLCs, RTUs, IEDs Smart Sensors and drives, emissions controls, equipment diagnostics, AMI (Smart Grid), programmable thermostats, and building control.
  • The cyber threats and attack strategies on automation systems are changing rapidly. Machines, systems, and subsections are becoming increasingly networked. Improvements in cost-and performance have encouraged this evolution, resulting in many of today’s “smart” technologies such as smart manufacturing, smart water, smart electric grid, smart transportation, and smart buildings. While this increases the connectivity and criticality of these systems, it also creates a greater need for their adaptability, resilience, safety, and security.
  • No industrial operation is free of risk, and no network is absolutely secure. Without appropriate security measures, malfunctions or failures spread extremely fast. A cybersecurity incident can get very expensive as it causes unplanned downtimes, lost of turn over and loss of company image

Why do Attackers Target Industrial Control Systems?

Attackers have different motives when choosing an environment to target. When carrying out attacks, these attackers are often motivated by financial gain, political cause, or even a military objective. Attacks could be state-sponsored, or they could also come from competitors, insiders with a malicious goal, or even hacktivists.

ICS environment might potentially contain weaknesses and threats depending on their configuration and their purpose. The modern systems and tools (e.g. Internet of Things (IIoT) devices) that have been introduced to ICS environment to replace their traditional systems might introduce more vulnerabilities and loopholes for attackers to exploit.

Build a Team of Skilled Defenders

Lack of skilled defenders will cause the greatest risk to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals specifically target unskilled employee as an attack vector based on their lack of security knowledge. YNY Technology provides technical expertise with advisory and design an ICS security programme to ensure the effectiveness of security and obtain ideas of possible ICS security risks in your organizations.

Establish or Enhance Governing Process

Lack of governance or process control will cause ineffective application of security. YNY Technology enhances your governing process to ensure risk-appropriate security considerations and controls are integrated into your business process. ICS security objectives are continuously managed and assessed to lower the impact brought by ICS threats.

Right Systems with Integrity Assurance

Lack of technical security control or mechanisms will cause the disruption of critical or real-time operations, and the theft of operational information. Adversaries target vulnerable OT networks to gain access to the control system to steal the artifacts that provide insight into your operations or prevent the operator or engineer from issuing any controls. YNY Technology helps to identify the security weaknesses in your existing OT network and system, and provide the protection to minimize the impact of system availability and integrity.

Cyber Security Solution We Can Provide


  • Consultancy
  • Awareness and Training


  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance


  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Host and network device configuration assessment and hardening
  • Network and Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive Solutions to Reduce Risk and Create Value


YNY Technology provides advisory and OT defense consultation to help you to identify the resources required to securely design, implement or practice security initiatives to improve security posture of your critical infrastructure by offering cyber defense consultation in design and integration of security products.

YNY Technology helps you to prepare for and design an ICS security programme and network architecture compliant with industry-recognized framework prior to commissioning stage to ensure the effectiveness of application of security and, within time and cost estimates. ICS security training, the integral part of the ICS security programme enables you to gain insight into ICS security risks and how they align with your business objective.


YNY Technology assess or establish management system, the process measures with Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) comply the standards or guideline, not limited to IEC-62443, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and CSA Cyber Security Code of Practice (CCoP).

By implementing a management system, the level of ICS security risks are determined and allow the CII owner to dedicate adequate action and resources to address the root cause that could lead to undesired business consequences.


YNY Technology helps to implement technical security control or mechanism to reveal the real vulnerabilities and reduce the ICS security risk by eliminating potential attack vectors and condensing the attack surface.

By implementing the security control, we help to identify and confirm all possible vulnerabilities, ensure host and network device security configuration configured based on policy and firewall, implement secured DMZ, firewall, Intrusion Detection System(IDS), endpoint security and so forth to provide maximum protection against potential the attack that could affect the business operations.

We Provide ICS Security Health Check

ICS Security health check helps to identify local and remote OT devices undiscovered in your asset list and detect security blind spots that existed on the device discovered. ICS risks are evaluated to help you to identify ICS threats relevant to your current environment and able to focus on the implementation of effective security control measures.