Asset Performance Management

Sky is Limitless with Asset Performance Management 4.0

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In Smart Manufacturing

APM 4.0 is an evolutionary shift to align with Industry 4.0. IIoT with advanced data analytics offers new opportunities to improve the reliability of industrial assets, enabling an organization to progress toward no unplanned downtime, which consider being the ultimate aim for the maintenance and operations team. Together with our value partner AVEVA, we bring the best value to improving your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

APM is the digital threat which connects people, process, and assets. You need the platform to tame that ocean of data in terms of safety, reliability, smoothness, and many more! APM 4.0 solutions allow you to capture and analyze historical and real-time operational and asset data.

What can APM Bring to Industry?

  • Maintenance labors cost down by 15% – 20%
  • Spare parts inventory turns improved by 30%
  • Mechanical efficiencies up by 8% – 10%
  • Asset availability improved by 20%

How does it solve the challenge?

APM Assessment

Manage risk and performance to safeguard business continuity. APM assessment allows you to gain an understanding of your business status and opportunities which provides the quickest financial return.

Real Time Data & Insights

Cloud platform for industrial operations. Lower your IT costs and get started quickly and uncover opportunities in a matter of minutes. Also help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance.

Computerized Maintenance Management System 

Computerized Maintenance Management System is an enterprise-level solution that accommodates multiple business or sites in a single solution. It is a comprehensive solution that provides maintenance, procurement, and inventory management for asset-intensive industries.

Predictive Analytics 

The system is highly scalable and could be used to monitor a single asset, a specific plant, or hundreds of remote assets across multiple sites. Results of the Predictive Analytics models can be easily integrated with other business systems using web services and an accessible restful API.

Learn to mitigate operating risks and improve overall reliability, efficiency, and availability.

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