Discrete Manufacturing

Paperless, Operational Efficiency & Empowered Workers

Practicing paper-based Lean Management means you’ll soon be behind.

Lean management is a proven practice to establish a continuous improvement culture and to drive an organization towards higher operational performance. It is to drive a high level of productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness. With digital tools of lean manufacturing, it is the best practice for paperless work management.

Well, is your plant spending too much time on paperwork which caused inefficient use of equipment of human resources (high production cost, slow progress & risk of bad decision making)? This comes into picture where Digital Lean Management leverage Industry 4.0 concepts to empower employees with a new level of actionable and detailed production history data.

Manufacturers can act efficiently on manufacturing productivity by replacing time-consuming paperwork with lean management in digital tools and applications. It is simple, easy to set up and easy-to-use tools to help with the paperless operation, production efficiency and continuous improvements especially for a large number of work orders.

Enable Operational Improvements, Increase Profitability using Industry 4.0 Technologies


Digitize Lean Operation

As manufacturers seek to increase operational efficiency, YNY Technology proposes to execute Discrete Lean Management solutions to help to improve your operational effectiveness by measuring, visualizing & analyze your manufacturing performance on both manual and automated production lines. You are able to empower your production team with fast responses on production issues, reduce human error, real time visibility on dashboards and mobile devices.
It is an efficient way to measure, visualize and analyze plant key performance indicators for both manual and production lines. Discrete Lean Management (DLM) allows you to improve plant operational efficiency continuously and perform root cause analyses by correlating with plant events. An overview visual of the dashboard of production line performance of labor and equipment are able to be evaluated and analyze quality and KPIs.


Performances Management


Improving Asset Performance

A cloud-based solution is focused on increasing plant asset utilization and operational performance to provide accurate data and information on downtime and efficiency. Asset Performance Management is designed to leverage industrial big data, Cloud, artificial intelligence and more. With this improved analysis, DLM will eliminate inefficiencies, optimize operations and improve the profitability of your manufacturing plant.

YNY GoDigital Platform

Connect and automate production and business processes with YNY GoDigital Platform built for manufacturing in mind