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Edible Oil/Oleochemical industry faced various social and environmental concerns and expected to respond swiftly to commodity prices. The industry must adapt and equip itself with the latest technologies and innovations to progress while remaining globally competitive. New technologies should be the catalyst for the industry’s modernization, making it more productive and efficient while enhancing sustainable development.  

YNY Technology helps the Edible Oil/Oleochemical industry achieve operational efficiency through total manufacturing integration. We help the industry increase production capacity while achieving Operation Excellence in reducing labor costsimproved quality, reduced contamination risks, etc.  

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Achieving Operational Excellence

To achieve operational excellence, an organization needs to transform its production processes to become more streamlined, emphasizing continuous improvement, plant innovation, and enhanced internal efficiencies.

This includes transforming raw operational and asset data into actionable intelligence to enable humans, software applications, and smart machines to take the right actions at the right time to continuously improve an operational, asset, and supply chain performance.

Connecting previously siloed processes, YNY GoDigital Platform enables a single view of operations within an organization and seamless communication across people, data, and assets. With improvements to real-time collaboration and continuously optimized processes, YNY GoDigital Platform enables operations to move and frees up time to deal with external issues. Data-rich dashboards display how a machine or line performs, and notifications alert workers if production parameters exceed pre-set limits.


Centralized Visualization Platform


Improving Asset Performance

To increase profitability, manufacturers require quick, secure access to information to monitor and analyze equipment efficiency and asset utilization performance. Data can be collected and analyzes to provide real-time diagnostics from plant production assets to drive appropriate operations, engineering, and maintenance actions. 

Case Study

YNY Technology’s Remote Service Preserves the Supply of Edible Oil in Kenya

Kenya relies heavily on imported edible oil, but most oil imports were crippled due to the pandemic. Since Kenya could only rely on its local supply, this posed a huge problem. Here to find out how YNY Technology to provide digital transformation solutions to its customer.

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YNY GoDigital Platform

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