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The link between Business 4.0 and Industry 4.0

• Leading Digitally, Resilience, and Agile to the Next Generation Industry
• Innovative Business Models, Products & Services


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Enable Smarter Business Transformation

Industrial organization’s value chain is becoming increasingly digitized and connected. Digital business models are challenging conventional approaches that causing disruptive change.

Today, CEOs understand that they must drive digital transformation in their organizations and gain a competitive advantage, leveraging the new opportunities prompted by emerging technologies. The trends such as machine learning, digital twin, predictive maintenance, and cloud computing have dramatically improved organization efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.

  • Innovative business models, products, and services to meet threats and opportunities
  • Drive organization changes that address new digital capabilities and streamlined digitized processes
  • Inspire people throughout the organization to align their thinking with new digital adoptions
  • Diversify revenues and keep pace with shifting customers and markets
  • Proactively focus on profitable and predictable YoY growth
  • Building Customer-centric organization
  • Leverage insights data and smart customer analytics
  • Influence and shape customer-centric culture across the business organization


Embrace Customer-Centricity

Today, customer experiences are evolving. Organizations focus on customers and their rapidly changing demands. A successful customer experience strategy starts with an aspiration centered on what matters to customers.

Through gathering more data and making better use of analytics, smart factories can provide greater insight. Examples include order statuses on a manufacturing floor and maintenance needs, identifying patterns, and giving the manufacturer better control and visibility to make decisions on aligning resources.


Workforce 4.0

The transition to the automation revolution has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturers can no longer work in linear execution or in isolation of other functional departments.

Organizations are emerging from the crisis into a world of workplace physical distancing and major changes in customer behaviors and preferences.

Today, manufacturing companies are reconfiguring their supply chains and production lines, emphasizing digital-first customer journeys and contactless operations. Those changes will significantly affect the requirements for workforce skills and capabilities, from a dramatic increase in home-based and remote working to a need for shop-floor personnel to master new tools and newly urgent health and safety requirements.

  • Building vital skills for the future of work in operations
  • Retrain existing employee to be a digital-smart employee
  • Build talent strategy for Business 4.0 success

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