Manufacturing Execution System

Maximize profitability, quality and compliance of manufacturing operations

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Digitally Maintaining Order, Effectiveness, and Quality in Plant Operations

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution is to facilitate the integration of plant floor systems with engineering and business systems, allows a streamlining of business processes that span across the organization. It helps to reduce production costs by increasing throughput and providing higher quality products. MES provides the ability to understand and manage the complexities of the modern manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Execution System can offer a complete set of functions that can be scaled to individual business needs or incrementally implemented for a faster return on investment and alignment with business priorities such as:

  • Production Management
  • Inventory Operations Management
  • Track & Trace
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) KPIs
  • Quality Operations
  • Bill of Material & Recipe Management
  • Digital Workflow Management
  • Empowerment & Mobility

Top 3 Drivers for Manufacturing Operations Transformation Investment


Integrate the flow of information between shop-floor and business operations for operational efficiency improvement.

  • Labor Certification Control
  • Labor Management
  • Enforcement of operation procedures and specs
  • Inventory/ Storage Management
  • Data Collection
  • Bill of Materials Handling
  • Production Event Tracking
  • Advanced Work Order Execution


Improve asset utilization by real-time equipment downtime monitoring.

  • Tracking Equipment Utilization
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Monitoring Equipment Performance
  • Production Progress Visibility


Takes the guesswork out of continuous quality improvement.

  • Quality Specification Control
  • Sample Plan Execution
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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Inventory Operations Management

An enterprise-level solution. Able to build the equipment models and the processes that occur day to day when you are manufacturing as well as manage how operations should behave and when there are new market demands/ market changes.


Including manufacturing execution, reporting and analysis, information management, energy management, and application/enterprise integration.


A model-based of real-time measurement with overall equipment effectiveness, to reduce the energy & cost accounting with automatic record-keeping for detailed product and end to end material traceability. 


To enable agile, short term production management and provides schedule flexibility as a supply chain visibility into operations and inventory for your plant.


Analyze and unlock value & capacity from existing assets with visibility into line and equipment utilization in the plant.


Automate and enforce quality inspection and data collection procedures in alignment with the real-time status of the work order and job execution.

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