Edge Computing

Edge-to-Cloud Matters

Connect and automate production and business processes with YNY GoDigital Platform built for manufacturing in mind

Prevent Business Application from Failure

Industrial operations are often located in harsh environments. Many companies connecting to remote assets and securely transferring operational data remains a significant challenge. Typical solutions merely aggregate and filter data prior to sending it to the cloud. AVEVA Edge to Enterprise enables operations with technology & commercial flexibility, connectivity, and expanded visibility to leverage data from the edge to enterprise level. Every data can be streamed on edge to multi-site operations.

Benefits of Edge-to-Cloud Technology

Rapid Engineering Development

Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce System Maintenance Costs

Unique Centralized Deployment

Improve Quality / Reduce Process Variation

Vendor Agnostic / Open best of breed approach

Improve Safety / Faster Response Time

Platform Agnostic HMI / SCADA Software

Develop within the integrated environment and use built-in capabilities to deploy across multiple platforms; industrial computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, or the cloud.

Fast "minimal click" development

Developing applications for andon solutions, business intelligence, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), or PackML; AVEVA Edge templates drastically reduce development time.

Process data at the edge

Supports data processing from basic filtering and aggregation to local applications and complex machine learning analytics. With support for standard containers and complex event processing engines, host local monitoring applications, custom data processing, streaming analytics, and more.

Manage edge devices

Offers a unified view and tools to manage both edge instances and edge-connected devices. It supports enrollment, provisioning, monitoring, configuration, update, and deployment of apps and analytics. AVEVA Edge is the unique software capabilities to build smarter end-to-end automation systems.


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