Advanced Manufacturing Planning (AMP)



How SMEs can benefit from an Advanced Manufacturing Planning System (AMPS)?

  • Get Real-time visibility of all work in progress and materials on the shop floor
  • Get a complete history of your product lifecycle to enable precise troubleshooting
  • Able to minimize the number of products that need to be reworked or returned if a recall needs to be made
  • Eliminate the risk of labor errors associated with material handling and equipment setup
  • Lower total cost of production

Advanced Manufacturing Planning (AMP)

  • On-demand production planning and scheduling system
  • Get all your information anywhere on the go via your tablet
  • Give your sales team the Ability-to-Promise
  • Very Affordable and targeted for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Minimal IT hardware and staff needed on site
  • Dedicated pre-configured instance on the hosted server for your exclusive use
  • Your own computer name and IP address
  • Immediate deployment
  • Private Cloud Security
  • Assisted Support to connect to the hosted server from your Network, including sharing known port and firewall configurations
  • Hassle free updates to the latest version
  • Monthly subscription fee

Advanced Manufacturing PLanning (AMP) Modules

 1. Work Order Scheduling & Run Sheet Module 

  1. Runsheet - Each Runsheet allows 1 process to be associated with Multiple Operations
  2. Each Operation can be associated with many machines as well as materials
  3. Each machine can be associated with manpower requirements
  4. Quantity
  5. Time Scheduling
  6. Customer Details

2. Inventory Module 

  1. User able to manage and track the flow of
    1. Current Inventory
    2. Upcoming Inventory Requirements based on Delivery and Production – Planning purposes
  2. Item Management allows the User to manage all Item Groups and Items in the Inventory
  3. Inventory Management controls the Stock In & Stock out
  4. Users will be informed of the status of the stock level

Users will be informed of the status of the stock level


3. Sales Order Module 

  1. Allows users to record customer’s purchase order details
  2. The Internal Sales Order form allows for Internal audit control and tracking
  3. Allow users the ability to promise delivery to customers based on Runsheet or by add-in stock

4. Reporting & Dashboard Module 

  1. Fully configurable dashboards
  2. Dashboards can be configured by individual user or at group/company level
  3. Access to Group/Company level Dashboard controlled by Administrator

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