IntelaTrac® Mobility Solutions

IntelaTrac® Mobility Solutions


YNY Technology Sdn Bhd is an Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For your information, mobility is fast becoming a key factor in optimizing operator efficiency and increasing plant reliability during inspection or maintenance. If you are looking for a solution to streamline your maintenance activities on the go and increase your plant's availability, then Wonderware® IntelaTrac® is the solution for you.

IntelaTrac® is the industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system. It accelerates and sustains operational process improvements and is a key component of an effective Operations Management System. IntelaTrac® helps insure that best operating and regulatory procedures are followed at all times, data is collected on non-instrumented plant assets, critical environmental, health and safety inspections are performed on schedule and mobile operators have the information at their fingertips to operate plant assets in the most effective manner possible.

As one of the professionals enterprise mobility solutions provider in Malaysia, together with our partners, we can integrate IntelaTrac® to Avantis® or any existing CMMS solutions you may already have. Please contact us for more information on IntelaTrac®, so that you and your team can discuss how IntelaTrac® can be used to transform your business.



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